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444 6 450Superb Anatolian Side of Istanbul, Kasr-ı Âlâ...

Superb of İstanbul

The project is built on over a 6000 square meter land and the designer has fully paid attention to all detailed factors such as the historical structure, architectural language, sociological development within the region with indicating on having the seaside landscaping and maximum green area while surviving neighbourhood culture. In the same time, project physical characters and restrictions such as topography condition, existing and future urban development, infrastructures extension, west-facing the Bosporus view and buildings and facilities setbacks distances all considered in the design.

Kasr-ı Âlâ consists of 75 flats in 5 blocks which suitably placed using the natural slope as an advantage to provide the panoramic view of seaside and social area in the same time.


Kasr-ı Âlâ  State of Art design is a modern reflection of Turkish historical and fabulous architecture (with slanted roof, wide eaves, etc.) located in Çengelköy, an artistic  combination of peripheral structure and contemporary architecture, revealing its physical distinction as a MANOR which the residents feel that they are living in a spacious luxury small palace. The exceptional iconic facades strive representing prestigious historical Turkish Style by means of inspired architectural language.

Social Amenities

Wide sidewalks have designed to facilitate easy access of buildings to main square of the site and social amenities are just a few footsteps from all blocks entrances. The indoor and outdoor social facilities have decorated by foldable partition gives the opportunity of using social area under any weather conditions at any time. The private gardens created and decorated to serve a natural and permanent privacy space between blocks for residents.

Social facilities and amenities including dedicated women's indoor swimming pool, unisex giant indoor and outdoor swimming pool, stylish café area, kids indoor and outdoor playground, gathering and meeting rooms, gym, Turkish bath, sauna, jacuzzi, etc. that has designed and implemented with highest attention to the quality delivers a superb pleasant and healthy life to the Kasr-ı Âlâ residents.


There is more than 3000 square meter dedicated area for landscaping and green area in Kasr-ı Âlâ. The quality of life has maximized with the inclusion of viewing deck overlooking the square, stepped ponds and waterfalls linked with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, wooden-stone stepped benches that has designed for sitting area, as well as the outdoor playground, apart from the special patios. KASR-I ÂLÂ, is a live picture of all four seasons beauties in one place that will guarantee a well-being superb lifetime.